“OPEN DAY – Saturday 20th May 2017 at 10am to 12pm. Come and explore our secret garden!”

Opened in 1957 and set in beautiful bushland with two outdoor natural play areas, Studley Park Kindergarten in Kew is a wonderful place to start your child’s early education. We are a small, community-based kindergarten [44 families per annum] offering a three-year-old program and a four-year-old program.

We provide a safe, secure environment where children learn through play and enjoy direct contact with the natural environment, meaningful first-hand activities and a wide variety of individual, small and large-group experiences.

Our highly qualified, enthusiastic staff plan the program collaboratively with the children, based on their emerging interests. Children are given ownership and responsibility of their learning and, once these ideas and interests are communicated, staff respond by providing the resources for learning and opportunities for exploration and investigation.

We aim to foster within the children:

– a positive attitude to life

– a love of learning and ownership of their individual learning

– strong self-esteem

– independence

– confidence to attempt new things, challenge themselves and express thoughts & ideas

– resilience

– willingness to try again

– acceptance of others/team work