Incursions at Studley Park Kinder

At SPK, we offer a wide range of incursions for the children. Past incursions we have had  include but are not limited to:

Living Eggs [link]

Rhythms from Afar (African Drumming)

Wild Action Man [link]

Dove Puppets


Responsible Pet Program [link]

Water Safety Presentation

Kew Traffic School Excursion [link]

Footy Day

Halloween Dress Up

Pyjama Party

Throughout the year Blue Group (four-year-old) children participate in Mini Maestros sessions on Tuesday afternoons. During Terms 3 & 4, Blue group children have also recently been participating in Kinder Fitness sessions including Ball Skills, PMP and Aerobics.

As children are often enrolled at SPK for two years, we try to alternate the incursions so that they are different over a two year period.