Play and Stay

All family members (mum, dad, grandma, grandpa etc) are invited to play and stay and are included in all aspects of our Kinder routine. It is not only a great help to staff with the regular routine, but children also feel special seeing their family in the kindergarten setting. It also gives you an opportunity to observe your child interacting with peers and developing throughout the year.

Family members with a special career or talent (e.g. can play a musical instrument, are a fabulous cook, can make fantastic paper planes, of perhaps would like to share a profession with the children [Doctors are always popular and we have had a pilot in recent years as well!]) are also encouraged to volunteer to come to Kinder and talk to the children. Any family member with an idea or suggestion for experiences and activities are also encouraged to share these with staff and/or come to Kinder to implement with us. You could also bring in your child’s favourite story and read it to the group or just help out with puzzles, reading stories, playing soccer and singing songs!

We welcome and celebrate diversity at SPK and ask families to contribute to our program in ways they are comfortable with. We welcome and encourage the sharing of your family’s culture with our Kinder through bringing in books and CDs with your child’s native language, and sharing ways of life, cooking speciality foods, and bringing in materials or artefacts to show our children during play and stay.